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Our clients manage the development and rollout of complex human and engineered systems.
GPD provides capability for teams with methods and insights needed to navigate dependencies, 
prioritize interactions of value,
and re-architect their projects for significantly improved performance.
With systems thinking, they build plans linked to strategy, realistic schedules, accurate cost estimates, and better teaming. Rapidly and Together.



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All too often, the "hoped for" business target shown by the lower left green circle simply isn't realistic--the result instead is the more expensive and longer duration business result represented by the upper right green circle. The GPD approach models the likely result with as-is behavior (large gray circle) as a starting point for a process that leads to an optimized plan (blue circle) with a more accurate cost and duration projection. Organizations can then consider scope tradeoffs that might speed up the project (orange circle, "Option 1") or reduce its cost (orange circle, "Option 2").